Damien and I were originally introduced randomly on a casual night out in our local, (and so I hear, the finest place to get a pint a’ Guinness in Leinster) Frenches of Gorey and spend most the time discussing our mutual love of whisky. It wasn’t until many years later that we spoke again, this time it was professionally. I met up with Damien and his fiancee Sarah at Partridges, a little cafe in town. Seeing them together anyone could tell they were just so in love the way they doted over each other. I knew right away I wanted to shoot their wedding so I turned on the “charms”. People tell me I’ve have a disarming, quirky sensibility but I always feel like I say too much, I’m a little too honest – even with as great as it went I wondered after the meeting if I’d hear from them again. Sure enough a few weeks later Damien contacts me confirming the booking, huzzah!!! Score one for honesty! (you’re still losing to white lies though honesty so don’t get too big headed).

The big day came and I met Sarah at Summerhill House in Enniskerry. When I opened the door she was beaming with happiness – her family & friends from her home in Australia around her on her wedding day. She looked an absolute vision in her Pronovias dress, it looked like it designed just for her. They got hitched in St.Patrick’s Church, Curtlestown, Co.Wicklow, a gorgeously lit church near the Powerscourt Estate. Afterwards we made a sneaky visit to Powerscourt itself for the portrait session and manage to capture some of the best freelensed photos (the ones with the creamy, soft, romantic blur) I’ve taken so far. They cruised back to the reception with style in their vintage Mercedes-Benz 350SL, for a few more photographs and to meet their guests.

Groom & groomsmen’s suit: Hugo Boss
Bride dress: Pronovias
Hairdresser: Inga Cuzin
Makeup artist: Claire O’Neill & Kyra Houlton
Wedding Cake: The Cake Creator
Wedding Band: The Scene
Videography: Conor Stafford Videography
Signage and Decor: Sarah Bakker
Photography: Kevin Curry Photography

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When The Scene took the stage it was Sarah’s time to shine, did I mention she’s a professional actress, dancer and singer? She’s worked on Broadway and London’s West End, she also did the church music for Damien’s sister’s wedding. Not to be outdone on the dancefloor though Damien stepped his game up and pulled off brilliant move after move, the two of them were seamless.

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And just when we thought the rest of the night was set,  oh no, no, no! Sarah had one more move up her sleeve…


Hell yeah,  it’s a wedding flashmob. (They’re dancers, how could they not!?)

wedding-photographer_wicklow_summerhill_house_0063 wedding-photographer_wicklow_summerhill_house_0064 wedding-photographer_wicklow_summerhill_house_0065 wedding-photographer_wicklow_summerhill_house_0066 wedding-photographer_wicklow_summerhill_house_0068